Course Description

To shape the future and to encourage the world most positively, one needs a trainer who can handle all the scenarios of a training situation. Our course emphasizes on the methodical training and the effective development of one’s future trainees.

Core Modules

Module 1

  • Certification objectives
  • Pre- Assignment Review

Module 2

  • Understanding Facilitation
  • Adult-Learning Theory
  • The Training Cycle

Module 3

  • Designing and Developing Content

Module 4

  • Mentoring Approaches and Techniques
  • Dealing with ‘Difficult People’

Module 5

  • Training Delivery
  • Building Consensus

Module 6

  • Intervention Need and Techniques
  • Training Aids and Activities

Module 7

  • Calculating Training ROI
  • Training Needs Analysis

Module 8

  • Training Assessment and Evaluation
  • Identify ‘Self-Development’ Needs

Modules for Life Coaching

Module 9

  • Principles of Communication
  • Structure Messages to Inspire Audiences to Take Action

Module 10

  • Peaceful Mind Generates Power
  • Giving Defeat a Defeat
  • Draw Upon the Higher Power

Module 11

  • Becoming Conscious and Dissolving Mind Barriers
  • Inner Wisdom and Training One to Love Thyself
  • The Art of Letting Go

Module 12

  • Techniques to Beat the Mediocrity Matrix
  • Understanding What Truly Iconic Means to You

Free Module

  • Self-Realization Meditation and Guided Light Therapy

Who Should Enroll?

How to grow your business?
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  • All kinds of trainers and freelancers with a zeal and passion for teaching and training
  • Training Managers, HR Executives, Coordinators and Facilitators, Process Trainers etc.
  • People enthusiastic to start a training career